State of the Art Sessions

The goal of Spotlight Sessions are to provide a forum for focused and in-depth discussions on specific topics. Spotlight Sessions will address particular themes or consist of exploring work undertaken across international projects. Consisting of 3 to 4 panel speakers followed by a Q&A open floor discussion.


The speakers in a spotlight session work together to craft a 90-minute session which will be of great interest and benefit to the attendees of the conference.

  • Road Safety 

  • Drowning Prevention

  • WHS

  • Sport and Recreation

  • Falls

  • Children

  • Violence

  • Policy

Road Safety:  Vision Zero by 2050 – How will we get there?

The first Decade of Action failed to reach the fatality reduction targets and in many countries severe injuries are on the increase.  The United Nations Global Plan for the 2nd Decade of Action for Road Safety has set the target to halve road deaths and injuries by 2030.  A number of countries have also set associated visions for zero road deaths by 2050.  With policy targets in place how will we actually get there and make sure no-one dies on the world’s roads?  Who is accountable and what will it actually take to halve road deaths and injuries by 2030?  What needs to happen to reach zero by 2050?  How will we get there in LMICs?  How will we get there in HICs?


Join our expert panel discussion as we roll up our sleeves and discuss the real road safety interventions and ACTIONS needed to ensure the targets are met? How we can overcome the implementation challenge in each area of safe system impact?  How can we transform multimodal transport and land use planning?  How can we ensure all new and existing road infrastructure is safe? How can we ensure existing and new vehicles and new forms of mobility are safe? How can we ensure safe road user behaviour? How can we optimise the post-crash response?  How can we mobilise the financing, legal frameworks, speed management, capacity development, equity and gender perspectives and new technologies needed to actually reach zero road deaths by 2050? 

Sport: Safe environments for sport and recreation: data driven policy and practice

There has been a rise in data collection in sport and recreation settings — not just for our elite athletes but also the everyday participant. But what happens next? How do we know if the data are ‘good’ and what do we do with the data once it is collected? In this State-of-the-Art session, we will hear from leaders in sport and recreation with expertise on the application of data for decision making. They will share how they have used data to create safe environments for sport and recreation participation.


There is also much to learn from our colleagues in other injury prevention settings. The broader #Safety2022 program offers a relevant array of cross cutting issues for sport and recreation researchers and practitioners to learn from including systems approaches, gender equity, child safety, climate change and product safety.