Showcase Theme

The Virtual Showcase will continue the with theme developed for Safety 2020 - ‘Innovation, Engagement, Action: for a safer future’.

The world sits at a nexus with technology changing the way we work, low and middle income countries faced with addressing a growing injury burden especially around road traffic and the need for new innovative solutions to help provide action for a safer future including addressing violence and self-harm issues. More and more evidence is being generated, adding the greater need to translate research into action, to translate pilot projects to large scale projects. 

For injury prevention and safety promotion to be effective and create a safer future engagement will be key; this will include engaging with communities, politicians, researchers, people and other stakeholders. While research is important for developing the evidence base there is an ongoing need for action to ensure appropriate evidenced-based policy development, program delivery, increased funding, collaboration and development of future generations of injury prevention experts for a safer future.

Showcase Objectives

Injury prevention and safety promotion is a maturing area. It involves many disciplines and interest groups who are active in diverse settings. The objectives of the Virtual Pre-Conference Global Injury Prevention Showcase are as follows:

  • Facilitating virtual international information sharing and cooperation, and the further development of the science of injury prevention and safety promotion;

  • Provide evidence on good practices by which national progress in planning and development of injury prevention initiatives can be measured;

  • Create a virtual environment for knowledge sharing, collaboration and relationship building, creating a ‘global injury prevention and safety promotion community’ leading into the 14th World Conference on Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion (Safety) 2022;

  • Encourage young researchers and health promotion practitioners to start developing a career in the injury prevention;

  • Recognise and encourage inter-sectoral liaison and collaboration, including encouraging and embracing diversity;

  • Develop the knowledge base of injury prevention practice; and

  • Connecting a growing number of professionals and stakeholders to the WHO policies for violence and injury prevention.

Showcase Target Audience

The Showcase aims to facilitate global, inclusive and diverse conversations on addressing the gaps in injury prevention and safety promotion. Attendees will include policy makers, government officials, researchers, community and NGO workers, practitioners, academics, funders of prevention programs, safety officers, local council workers, workplace health and safety representatives, health professionals, drug and alcohol workers.

Showcase Program Content and Structure

The program will take place as an online virtual Showcase. Live and on demand presentations will be made available to registrants over a period of five days. There will be a combination of plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, e-posters and workshops. Interaction will be encouraged through and Q&A sessions, networking sessions and a virtual exhibition hall.