Showcase Virtual Program

Please find below an outline of the Virtual Pre-Conference Global Injury Prevention Showcase program.  


Program Key

  • LIVE - Session will be hosted live

  • Simu-live - Session will be pre-recorded and streamed live

  • On Demand - Session will be accessible any time on demand

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Regional Program Maps

The program was designed to provide as much opportunity as possible to engage in the live sessions and networking. While not all time zones can be available at one time, there was over 80 sessions to take part in, including Showcase (plenary) sessions, workshops, satellite events, networking functions, e-poster presentations and many concurrent sessions. 

Click on the regions below to see a program map in that time zone! 

Interactive Agenda

Use the arrows below to scroll through the 3 day program below. 

Day 1 - Monday 22 March 2021

Opening Showcase Session

Time: Simu-live - 8:00am AEDT (2:30am IST, 5:00am PHST - Sun 21 Mar - 5:00pm EDT, 10:00pm WAT, 10:00pm CET, 11:00pm EET)

  • Showcase Welcome/s

  • Opening Address

  • Keynote Speaker: Professor Rod McClure, Research Professor, University of New England

Concurrent Session 1 - Long Oral Presentations

Time: On Demand - 9:00am AEDT (3:30am IST, 6:00am PHST - Sun 21 Mar - 6:00pm EDT, 11:00pm WAT, 11:00pm CET, 12:00am EET, 3:30am IST, 6:00am PHST)

  • 1A – Child - General

  • 1B – Drowning - Strategy

  • 1C – Falls

  • 1D – Road

  • 1E – Intimate Partner Violence

  • 1F – Emergency Services

  • 1G – WHS - Impact

Workshop 1 - Systems to support community falls prevention: a research, policy, and practice model

Time: LIVE - 5:00pm AEDT (2:00am EDT, 7:00am WAT, 8:00am EET, 8:00am CET, 11:30am IST, 2:00pm PHST)

Hosted By: Injury Matters

Registrations: Registrations are required and are limited, only for registered Showcase attendees

Showcase Session 1 - Special Guest Speaker

Time: LIVE -6:30pm AEDT (3:30am EDT, 8:30am WAT, 9:30am EET, 9:30am CET, 11:00am IST, 3:30pm PHST)

Workshop 2 - Drowning prevention policy & planning, lessons from across the globe

Time: LIVE - 7:30pm AEDT (4:30am EDT, 9:30am WAT, 10:30am EET, 10:30am CET, 12:00pm IST, 4:30pm PHST)

Hosted By: Australian Water Safety Council

Registrations: Registrations are required and are limited, only for registered Showcase attendees

Welcome Networking Sessions

Time: LIVE- 10:00pm AEDT (7:00am EDT, 12:00pm WAT, 1:00pm EET, 1:00pm CET, 4:30pm IST, 7:00pm PHST)

Session information: Informal opportunity to meet with fellow delegates through small group interactions over 10 minutes iterations of up to 4 people, providing the opportunity to connect and network with fellow delegates.

ePosters P1 - Disaster, Emergency Services & Safe Communities

Time: LIVE - 10:30pm AEDT (7:30am EDT, 12:30pm WAT, 1:30pm EET, 1:30pm CET, 5:00pm IST, 7:30pm PHST)

Session information: Opportunity to meet the e-poster presenters and discuss their work